About our parent company - Spray-Lining

Spray-Lining Dealership Opportunities

Many suppliers of Spray-Lining for truck beds advised us on applications for tanks, boats, specialized trailers, koi ponds & other jobs that are not the same as beds. The whole Spray-Lining network is a large group of friendly and helpful people. It is almost like a big family with everyone looking out for the best interest of one another.

Our parent company Spray-Lining is an industry leader in spray on coatings and linings. Spray-Lining works with large machinery companies and also DIY bed liner applicators. Spray-Lining extends the offer to many different shops wanting to enter into the bed liner business ot add a vertical to their existing business without franchise costs.

True Spray-Lining dealers also sell DIY bed liners & other applications. Spray-Lining is always looking to assist shops wanting to enter into the bed liner business while avoiding full dealership costs. Spray-Lining provided us with the information, materials, and marketing to get business going and start the income coming in.

What are the advantages of being a Spray-Lining dealership?

All we did was compare what Spray-Lining offered vs Rhino, Line-X, Speedliner & Scorpion Coatings. Spray-Lining was way less than the first two and a little more than the second two. Their polyurea & poly-hybrids have higher grade specs than all 4. Product choices of Spray-Lining are not dependent on specialized, high-cost equipment. all products spray-thru almost all spray guns. Technically, you cannot complain about Spray-Lining allowing DIY's sold through us dealers; in fact our best clients are high-volume body shops who chose not to be a bedliner dealer. Referrals on large jobs come from these guys. As for promoting us, it's simple: pickup truck bed are the smallest job Spray-Lining targets. Bottom line: no other applicator in our protected zone sprays a thicker lining than us. this was written by the staff of Southwest Lining and Coatings in lieu of Spray-Lining because they promote us, protect us & stand behind us as their dealer. One hand washes the other!

Spray-Lining certifies all dealers and provides them with a basic understanding of polyurea, poly-hybrids, polyurethanes, epoxies, polyaspartics, aliphatics and more. You are also educated about the results of using these materials including tensile strength, elongation, shore hardness, and other characteristics of a finished job at various mil heights.

Spray-Lining always also stands behind an Unconditional Lifetime Warranty which we also adhere to. It is hands down the best warranty in the best warranty in the industry, we've checked!

Remember that the term spray-lining is a loose term, but there is only one Spray-Lining TM. Please report any illegitimate uses of this trademarked name either directly to us or Spray-Lining. Also please report any duplicates, copies, or PR issues.